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When High Country Adventures started, it offered women a mountain
lodge retreat for a week, and classes by gifted instructors in a
variety of field sports. They practiced fly-fishing and archery,
orienteering, horseback riding and photography. At the range they
sharpened their shooting eye with rifle, pistol, shotgun, even
black-powder arms. Hikes in the Tetons and an overnight camp at
timberline in the Wyoming range exercised legs and lungs. Naturalists
came to share the history of the Mountain West; biologists visited to
teach about wildlife.

In Namibia, we take leave of the American story and plunge into a
culture that in many ways is even richer. Namibia emerged from the
colonial era a strong and wealthy nation. Dutch and German settlers
brought agriculture; later, their descendants recognized the value of
wildlands and native wildlife - and the Bantu and Bushman peoples. The
variety and abundance of wildlife draws hunters and photographers. In
the wake of political and economic upheaval in Zimbabwe, the Namibian
bush has become a new Nirvana for sportsmen! We explore it with
life-long residents, natives who follow a single track across sand
dimpled by thousands of prints. With experienced professional hunters we stalk
long-horned gemsbok and kudu, wary red hartebeest and blue wildebeest.

Unlike High Country Adventures mountain camps, this is a hunting
safari, with all the excitement of the African game trails followed by
Teddy Roosevelt 100 years ago. We don't just view the cycle of life on
the veldt; we participate. Support from a wide range of sponsors
reduces the cost of an HCA Safari to less than 40 percent of what an
equivalent trip commands at retail. But as with HCA camps Stateside,
this opportunity is available only to women!