About the Trip

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The high country that gave us our name is still in our thoughts, but now we're planning for our twelfth HCA Safari! Consistent with our original goals to give women a chance to learn more about the outdoors in extraordinary settings, we'll travel again to Namibia. 


One of the most politically stable and prosperous sub-Saharan countries, Namibia welcomes people who enjoy the outdoors. Big game hunting not only fuels its conservation efforts; sportsmen bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to local communities. Namibia wildlife parks like Etosha draw many tourists. We're privileged to visit not a park, but a beautiful, wild, private tract encompassing many square miles of bush, with an abundance of native wildlife - including elephant and black rhino. HCA Safaris focus on plains game: kudu, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, springbok and other antelopes.


The hunting is exciting, accommodations "more than we could have expected," according to women who've joined us on this adventure. It's untamed country, but your individual lodging has a canvas top you can open to the African night sky. You're never far from a hot shower, or a cool mid-day dip in the pool. Meals are served in a thatched main lodge overlooking game-rich country that shows you animals all day long. Transport, when you've had enough walking, is by Land Cruiser, open and elevated in the back so you won't miss a thing. Competent, bi-lingual professional hunters and a friendly camp staff attend your needs. And if our previous camps are any indication, you'll bond quickly with the other women in your group.